FSP-120V Profiler

FSP-120V  Profiler

This small type profiler is open type with superior operability and accessibility.
There are many selections with various types meeting uses from 5-axis profiler realizing multiaxial machining with high horsepower and high accuracy to 3-axis type profiler with high productivity.

  • Exceptional accessibility to workpiece by open type construction.
  • Machining with high rigidity and high accuracy is possible by adopting column feed type.
  • Splash guard taking account of work environment and safety is available.

5-axis profiler
3-spindle 3-axis profiler
Table working surface
(X-axis × Y-axis)(mm)
3,150×1,220 3,048×1,220
Distance from table top to spindle end
736.6 863.6
Permissible mass of workpiece (kg) 10,000 10,000
Table longitudinal travel (mm) 3,048 3,048
Column transverse (mm) 1,270 1,270
Spindlehead vertical travel (mm) 610 610
Spindlehead tilt (deg.) ±25
Spindle speed range (min-1 20~4,000 20~4,000
Spindle drive motor(kW) VAC 22 VAC 15

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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