HPS Horizontal High-Speed 5-Axis Profiler

HPS Horizontal High-Speed 5-Axis Profiler

This horizontal 5-axis profiler that realizes high productivity with outstanding chip removal capability addresses the fast changing machining requirements for the machining of aircraft components such as parts unification by machining. The revolutionary structure that balances workability with productivity increases in efficiency dramatically.

  • Supporting high-speed machining with high-speed and high power spindle.
  • Tilting table makes operator setup workpiece in the horizontal position.
  • Outstanding chip removal capability of horizontal machine design.

Tilting table
[The tilting table is in the upright position during machining]
  A large quantity of chips produced by the horizontal spindle
  can be removed efficiently.
[The tilting table is in the horizontal position for workpiece setup]
 The operator can easily and efficiently load, fix and unload
A compactly designed spindle head A compactly designed spindle head
A compactly designed spindle head permits diverse 3D contour machining by wide range rotary axis.
A lot of lineups A lot of lineups
Many kinds of lineups that is selectable according to the size of workpieces. In addition, it is possible to choose one table type or two tables type depends on the purpose in HPS4B.
A clean environment and safety measures A clean environment and safety measures
The machine is equipped many outfits that consider clean environment and safety such as the splash guard and maintenance.
Tilting table and 5-axis movement
See the tilting table that realizes outstanding
productivity and continuous 5-axis machining.

  HPS4B 2Tables HPS4B 1Tables HPS120B HPS150B
Work mounting surface of table(mm) 4,000×2,032 10,058×2,032 3,048×1,220 4,000×1,500
Distance from work mounting
surface of table to spindle end(mm)
762 762 762 1,000
Permissible mass of workpiece(kg) 5,000 6,800 5,000 3,000
Longitudinal travel
(Table longitudinal)(mm)


Transverse travel
(Spindlehead transverse)(mm)


Vertical travel(mm) 2,286 2,286 1,320 1,800
Spindlehead tilt(deg.) +50~-90 +50~-90 ±45 ±100
Spindlehead rotation(deg.) ±270 ±270 ±270 Continuous rotation
Spindle speed range(min-1 150~15,000 150~15,000 150~12,000 1,000~19,800
Spindle drive motor(kW) VAC 35/30 VAC 35/30 VAC 37/30 VAC 75

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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