PSR Gantry Multi-Center

PSR Gantry Multi-Center

New stream for diversification and increasing size workpiece.
SNK, specialist for machining large and long workpiece, proposes with technical innovation and mission.

  • Gantry configuration is space efficient and has extensibility.
  • Variety attachments meet various machining needs.
  • Long stroke and high rigidity ram head are equipped.

Space efficient meets large workpiece Space efficient meets large workpiece
Floor space could be saved compared with table type and space efficient meet large and long size workpiece.
Variety attachments meet various machining needs. Variety attachments meet various machining needs.
Variety attachments SNK having meet various machining needs.
SNK has high power type and high speed type 5 axis attachment in order to meeting various machining needs. High power 5 axis attachments are for rough cutting and high hardness machining. High speed 5 axis attachments are for finishing process and machining free-cutting steels.
High technology is equipped High technology is equipped
Ram head equips high torque and high power built-in motor. it enables heavy cutting at ram extending by the combination of 1,500mm Z axis long stroke and □550mm high rigidity ram.
Augmentable application range Augmentable application range
Machining system that realizes innovative high efficiently could be built by means of using gantry type features with various utilities.
You could realize high efficient machining with rotary table, indexing device or turning table.

Installable working table size (width × length) (mm) 3,048×9,144(Max. 19,000)
Distance from floor plate top to spindle end (when floor plate and floor is the same)(mm) 127~1,627
Gantry longitudinal(mm) 9,000+AACst.1,600
Spindle head, transverse (mm) 3,800
Spindle head, vertical(mm) 1,500
Spindle head, tilt (deg.) ±105
Spindle head rotation(deg.) Continuance
Spindle rotation speed (with high power 5 axis attachment)(min-1 60~4,000
Spindle drive motor (with high power 5 axis attachment)(kW) VAC37/30

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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