Stringer Mill

Stringer Mill

A profiler dedicated to cutting aircraft spars.
A structure exclusively engineered for milling stringers such as a structure
of saving space, specialized automatic clamping system and splash guard enable high productivity machining.


  • High-efficiency profiler exclusively engineered for milling stringers.
  • Incorporates features inductive to unmanned operations such as an ATC and a
    specialized automatic clamping system.
  • Effective chip disposal with a splash guard and slant covers.
  • A very compact design that saves floor space and running costs.


Stringer Mill body and Machining
See the body exclusively engineered for milling stringers,
Jig and high speed machining

  Stringer Mill
Working surface(mm) 700×7,000
Gantry longitudinal travel(mm) 7,000
Spindle head transverse travel(mm) 700
Spindle head vertical travel(mm) 300
Spindle head swivel(deg.) ±10
Spindle head speed(min-1 5,000~20,000
Spindle motor power(kW) VAC 15

※ Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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