Our Activities

We look at and focus on from equipment to nature environment, the environment in shop, and employee training based on founding spirit “good products from good environment.” In addition, we always purse top ranking products and make our motto as “various kinds of customers’ voice is our energy.” Moreover, we have continued to challenge “unique machine” that hasn’t developed yet in the world.We introduce some of the actions.More details, please visit here.

SNK and super large size machine tools image

SNK and super large size machine tools

SNK manufactures and sells super large size machine tools which can also be said mother machine’s mother machine. What are the size of super large machines ? We will introduce a few of them.
Garden Factory image

The garden factory

Shinodayama works is located in the environment with rich nature; therefore, it is called and familiar as “garden factory”. We introduce sceneries of four seasons at the “garden factory”.
Tokyo Sky Tree and SNK image

Tokyo Sky Tree and SNK

Tokyo sky tree whose height is 634m, the tallest tower in the world, was opened. World’s best Tokyo sky tree has a close relationship with SNK. Many people wonder “what relationship exists between them.” We introduce the contribution to the world’s best.
The largest lathe in the world image

The largest lathe in the world

SNK has provided major base industries such as automobile industry, aircraft and shipbuilding industries, construction industry, and iron steel industry with the lineups of large machines and special machines. It also has provided many large lathes. Among them, we introduce the largest lathe in the world.
Constant temperature and humidity factory without window image

Constant Temperature and humidity control, windowless factory

Shinodayama works is next to Senboku New Town that is located to the southern hills of Sakai-City, Osaka. The factory is surrounded by rich nature. The factory has no window and cut off outside light. In addition, it is the latest factory that maintaines constant temperature and humidity by air conditioner control.
Clean room image

Clean room

In order to ensure high-precision and quality that is permitted by high-speed on spindle speed, and aiming to the best manufacturing products in the best environment, the factory is equipped with clean room. In addition, temperature and dust control are strictly managed inside clean room.
ISO9001/ISO14001 image


We obtained certifications of ISO9001 the quality management system in 2008 and ISO14001 the environmental management system in 2004.
Award-winning products image


Our products are awarded many prizes such as machine industrial design award and invention award. We have worked in research and development and manufactured products that satisfy customers. We will provide trustworthy products that satisfy customers in the future.
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