SNK and super large size machine tools

SNK manufactures and sells wide variety of machine tools for various fields and purpose. Above all, only SNK products is “Super large size machine tools”.
Machine tools are often called “mother machine” as that make machines supporting industry. This “Super large size machine tools” might be called “Grand mother machine” since that can make mother machine.
(“Grand mother machine” is not called generally but…)

SNK Shinodayama works

What are the size of those machines ?

Large size bridge type machine
SNK have the machines that table is 3m to 4m wide and can mount cars or trucks easily.
Normally cars or trucks are not machined directly but, parts for machines that make cars or trucks are machined by SNK’s machines.
Super large size bridge type machine
The following picture is the super large size bridge type machine whose table to mount workpieces are 5m to 6m wide and the longest table is 29m.
A N700series Shinkansen trains’ lead vehicle is 27m length and 29m, machine table is longer than that.
The largest lathe in the world
The following picture is the largest lathe in the world that can mount 400t weight workpiece. (for details, please see“The largest lathe in the world”)
A jumbo jet aircraft(B747-400) weight is approximately 420t, SNK’s super large lathe can machine equivalent weight workpiece of it.
(A jumbo jet aircraft cannot be turned by the lathe…)
Tire mold milling machine
The following machine is 5-axis machine with 7m width table for mainly milling tire molds. Normally the tires we can see on the street are not so big, but the tires used for super dump truck in a mine are approximately 4m in diameter.
Aluminum slab milling machine
The following machine is the machine to mill aluminum ingot and cutter is 2.4m in diameter.
Cutters normally used for machining parts are 50mm to 200mm in diameter and it is easy to understand the hugeness as compared with that.
Although the difference is too large to understand comparison picture.

Equipments supporting to manufacture super large size machine tools

Excellent machine comes form excellent environment.
To support manufacturing large size machine tools and super large size machine tools, equipments in the factory play a part.
Constant temperature controlled factory with 80t overhead crane which can carry heavy workpieces and exists 18.6m under the crane, large base plates for assembling large size machine, large size machine tools for machining super large parts and large 3-D coordinate measuring machine which enables controlling accuracy of super large parts, these equipments realizes manufacturing super large size machine tools.

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