Exhibition Information

SNK exhibits at 15th China International Industry Fair 2013, from November 5 to 9, 2013 held at Shanghai New International Expo Center.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the booth!


15th China International Industry Fair
Date November 5, 2013 to November 9, 2013 (5 days)
Venue Shanghai New International Expo Center
Hall E4
Booth B-058
The exhibits

Fiber Laser Combined Turret Punching Press STP-1300RSV/LC

We will exhibit combined Turret Punching Press STP-1300RSV/LC. This machine is equipped with the fiber laser oscillator which realizes free-shape and seamless cutting with the same high-speed and high-accuracy processing capability as turret punching machine.

* Compared to CO2 laser, fiber laser provides excellent energy efficiency, energy-saving and high power density. Thus, fiber laser has the same cutting capability as CO2 laser, but energy-saving is possible.

In addition, fiber laser resists vibration and periodical maintenance such as mirror alignment is not necessary.


Main specifications
Press capacity 294 kN
Stroke (X axis) 2,520 mm
Stroke (Y axis) 1,290 mm
Thickness of processed plate
(depends on material and molds)
0.3~6.0 mm
No. of stations 60 stations (C axis : 2 stations)
Feedrate (X axis) 100 m/min
Feedrate (Y axis 80 m/min
Hit rate (X:25mmP5mmst) 500 hpm
Hit rate (Y:25mmP5mmst) 330 hpm
Accuracy ±0.07 mm (combined with laser : ±0.1 mm)
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