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Railroad rail (railroad track) includes various kinds of rails such as rails with basic shape, rails used at the fork and rails used at the intersection.
To improve efficiency of various rails machining greatly, we aimed for fully automatic machining and continuous running for 64 hours including the two days on the weekend.


Rail manufacturing machine

To machine complex shaped workpiece fully in a single setup, we studied and developed from machine body, special jigs to cutting tools in their totality.
We developed automatic rail loader and its system controller aiming grand goal such as continuous running for 46 hours, and achieved the goal finally.

Result (Voice of customer)

Considering such factors as machining efficiency improvement, single-setup machining and increased uptime due to unattended operations, SNK’s automatic rail machining system turned out to be more than three times as productive as our conventional rail machining system. If the best arrangement in operator requirements is taken into account, the increase in productivity is nearly six-fold. I have visited many rail machining facilities around the world. I believe that aside from the scale of facilities, our rail machining system is the best in the world.


FMS composition

FMS composition

It consists of machine body of gantry type correspondent to long workpieces, fully automatic clamping jigs, which realize full machining from end face to underside, automatic rail loader, which carry material workpiece in and carry finished product out.

Fully automatic jigs

Fully automatic jigs

Machine equips special jigs, which change its form fully automatically following machining program from rail clamp with different length, to evacuation movement of interfering tools accompanying with machining position, evacuation movement interfering and supporting jigs at the time of machining underside and evacuation movement of positioning pins at the time of machining end face.

Curved rail machining function

Curved rail machining function

Barstock used to make rails is usually curved slightly due to its long shape. Previously, rail curvature is compensated by bender before machining, this system equips curved rail machining function, which machines rails according to its curvature after checking its shapes by automatic measuring material workpieces.

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