Shipbuilding Company

Installation Background

The economy has achieved dramatic growth in recent years and to meet growing demand for ships resulting from the growing energy demand and trade volume, shipping companies are rushing to build new ships.
Under these circumstances, demand in South Korea and Japan has also been stimulated. Consequently, the shipbuilding company also needs to increase their production capacity to an unprecedented degree.
In order to increase shipbuilding capability, they made a partnership with SNK proven to very large machine tools.


Multi-center HF-12M
Multi-center HF-12M

In order to machine ship parts efficiently, they installed three SNK’s the largest class bridge type multi-centers HF-12M and a wide variety of special attachment. Consequently, the large and complex parts could be machined.
Cantilever type machining center TMS-40V was also installed and enabled machining of connection holes.

Result (Voice of customer)

Since the machine were installed, they have been operating at capacity.
Thanks to the great assistance of a shipbuilding company cooperating with us, we have achieved our initial uptime goal and are now able to achieve satisfactory accuracy.


630mm Ram

Tough machine structure

Adopted ram with a cross-shaped 630mm by 630mm cross section, to enter a deep pocket with heavy machining.
Ram is extended by 3,000mm.
The 150kW ram spindle head comes into its own in roughing and the machine is rigid enough to machining.

A wide variety of attachments

A wide variety of attachments

In order to machine engine parts which are roughly the same size as building, it is necessary to use many special purpose attachments. To fulfill that demand, for the two HF-12M machines, a total 19 attachments consisting of 15 types are available.

Ship diesel engine is..

A ship diesel engine is located at the back of the ship to drive a propeller.
As ships have become larger, their engines have also become larger. The biggest engine excesses 100,000 horsepower. It is roughly the same size as a 4-or 5-story building.

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