SNK will participate in 26th Japan International Machine Tool Fair 2012 (JIMTOF2012).

We are looking forward to your visit.

Detail of exhibition

26th Japan International Machine Tool Fair
November 1 through 6, 2012 (6 days)
Tokyo Big Sight(Tokyo International Exhibition Center)
East 6 Hall, Booth No. E6007
The exhibits

High-speed Multi-center RB-2M

RB-2M Main Specifications
Size of working surface 4,000 x 1,200 mm
Effective distance between columns 1,700 mm
Table travel(X-Axis) 4,250 mm
Spindle head travel(Y-Axis) 2,000 mm
Quill stroke(Z-Axis) 600 mm
Crossrail travel(W-Axis) 900 mm
Rapid traverse(X,Y-Axes) 25 m/min
Rapid traverse(Z-Axis) 8 m/min
Rapid traverse(W-Axis) 6 m/min
Spindle speeds 40 to 6,000 min-1
Permissible mass of workpiece 5,000 kg

5-Axis Machining Center CMV-100T

CMV-100T Main Specifications
Work mounting surface of pallet 1,000 mm
Pallet longitudinal(X-Axis) 1,500 mm
Column transverse(Y-Axis) 1,330 mm
Spindle head vertical(Z-Axis) 1,300 mm
Spindle head tilt(A-Axis) +30 to -120 deg.
Pallet rotation(C-Axis) +/-360(Continuous) deg.
Rapid traverse(X,Y,Z-Axes) 40 m/min
Rapid traverse(A,C-Axes) 2,880 deg./min
Spindle speed(Milling) 40 to 8,000 min-1
Spindle speed(Turning) 1 to 300 min-1
Permissible mass of workpiece(Milling) 2,000 kg
Permissible mass of workpiece(Turning) 1,000 kg

High-speed Gantry Machine HGM-3500

HGM-3500 Main Specifications
Effective distance between columns 4,900 mm
Spindle head longitudinal(X-Axis) 6,500 mm
Spindle head transverse (Y-Axis) 3,500 mm
Ram vertical(Z-Axis) 1,500 mm
Spindle head tilt(B-Axis) +/-120 deg.
Spindle head rotation(C-Axis) 360(Continuous) deg.
Rapid traverse(X,Y-Aies) 60 m/min
Rapid traverse(Z-Axis) 30 m/min
Rapid traverse(B,C-Axes) 7,200 deg./min
Spindle speeds 500 to 20,000 min-1

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