Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Shin Nippon Koki Co., Ltd. (“SNK”) collects your personal information to provide you with the service or information you requested.
We comply with relevant laws for personal information protection and realize appropriate handling of personal information so that customers can use our home page with ease and safely.

1.Personal information collection

SNK specifies purpose of use of personal information (purpose of use) in advance whenever SNK ask for your personal information.

2.Purpose of use of personal information

SNK uses personal information obtained from customers within the follow scope. When SNK will use personal information for any other reason sat down below, after obtaining an agreement of customers.

  • (1) To specify users
  • To specify members and users of this service
  • (2) To supply and operate SNK’s services you applied.
  • To supply and operate SNK’s services applied, registered and contracted.
  • To manage purchase and accounting information about purchasing our products or services.
  • To manage and reply delivery schedule of our products and services.
  • To collect a bill
  • (3) To supply information by e-mail, direct mail and web site
  • To supply information of our products, services and others (including sending catalogs)
  • To send offers regarding repair, support and maintenance of our products or supply information
  • To supply information regarding campaign, fair and show
  • To supply information regarding questionnaire and product tester
  • To provide record of purchase
  • To supply information about exchanging/cancel/return of product
  • (4) Support
  • To support inquiry and consultation, confirm and collect these information
  • To deal with repair, support and maintenance, confirm and collect these information
  • To follow after-sales service
  • To issue certification and register online user
  • (5) Other
  • To provide new service for the future
  • To provide service which suits for each customers
  • To inform and contact customers

3.Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

SNK shall not supply or share personal information to any third parties except required on Personal information protect law and the other related lows without requiring customer’s agreement.

4.Disclosure and amendment of personal information

SNK responds promptly on exam in case customers request for disclosure, correction, adding and delete of personal information when such as mistake is found.
In such case, unless identity is confirmed, SNK does not respond those requests.
If there is demand or question about handling of personal information, please contact following address.

5.Commission of handling personal information

SNK can have contractors handle personal information within the range of necessity for purpose of use established above.

6.Changes to privacy policy

SNK moderately reviews personal information protect compliance program comparing with business environment and continuously improves that.
Changes to this privacy policy are effective at the time they are posted to SNK home page except SNK establishes separately.
In case changes about obtaining, range and purpose of use of customer’s personal information, SNK posts latest information on home page.

Contact information about inquiry of personal information

Establishment date:April 1, 2012

Person in charge:Hisayoshi UedaManager Technology Administration Department


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