FSP-80V Profiler (Titans)

FSP-80V Profiler (Titans)

Recent years, titans are widely recognized its features such as “strong”,
“light” and “rustproof”. View of titans is shifting from visionary metal to
practical metal. Its demands are rapidly growing not only in aircraft industry, but also in various fields of industry such as automobiles, general machines
and medical treatment.
However, it was difficult to increase productivity of materials of hard machinability including titans.
Therefore, this machine is developed as “machine for titans” realizing improvement of productivity of such cutting resistant materials.

  • The machine holds high rigidity receiving large cutting power sufficiently.
  • Spindle with high torque and high rigidity responding to large cutting power occurring
    by machining of resistant materials of hard machinability is equipped.
  • Necessary supply power of cutting oil is strengthened.

Solidly construction1Solidly construction Solidly construction
Bathtub type construction of A, B-rotating axis adopted high rigidity double pinion drive hat is the prod of SNK, and stubborn column supporting large cutting power toughly are enable stable continuous 5-axis cutting.
Spindle capacity Spindle capacity
Spindle has high torque necessary for machining of resistant materials of hard machinability is equipped.
In addition, spindle end is double-faced contact type spindle, and holds high rigidity in suporting tool.
With these improvements, stable cutting with high rigidity is possible.
Cutting oil power Cutting oil power
High capacity tank for cutting oil, which enables to provide large capacity of cutting oil required for machining of resistant materials of hard machinability is equipped.
In addition, 4 nozzles are equipped at the end of spindle end, and 8 shower coolant nozzles are equipped on spindle head and they hold stable supply power of cutting oil.
Titans machining Titans machining
Since spindle has torque exceeding 1,000Nm is equipped, it supports powerful cutting of titans coupled with solidly construction.
Titans machining
See powerful cutting of titans.※Please see chips of titans are discharged as if they gushed out.

5-axis profiler (Titans)
Table working surface(X-axis × Y-axis)(mm) 2,000×800
Distance from table top to spindle end (max)(mm) 125~825
Permissible mass of workpiece (kg) 4,000
Table longitudinal travel (mm) 2,300
Column transverse (mm) 950+ATCst.300
Spindlehead vertical travel (mm) 700
Spindlehead tilt (deg.) ±30
Spindle speed range (min-1 20~4,000
Spindle drive motor (kW) VAC 22/18.5

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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