HPS120A Horizontal 5-Axis Profiler (Titans)

HPS120A Horizontal 5-Axis Profiler (Titans)

“Bring titanium closer”
Demand for machining difficult-to-cut materials like titanium is increasing gradually in aircraft parts. HPS-120A is horizontal profiler with high rigidity and high efficiency that machines the titanium efficiently. Very rigid machine structure withstands large cutting force and a horizontal machine configuration eliminates recutting of chips that occurs in machining difficult-to-cut materials.

  • Low frequency vibration caused by heavy-cutting is damped efficiently, and stable cutting is made by slideways.
  • Highly rigid spindle head is equipped with high torque spindle.
  • The machine is equipped with large coolant volume that is necessary for titanium machining and shower coolant that cools down efficiently and removes chips.

Very rigid machine structure Very rigid machine structure
In order to withstand large cutting force, new design structure that was developed through FEM (Finite Element Method) structural analysis is adopted. In addition, FEM structural analysis is used in table rigidity, and that made very rigid machine structure.
Wide-range rotary axes Wide-range rotary axes
A-axis with ±90 deg. of rotary range and C-axis with ±360 deg. of rotary range permit work with large inclined angle and complex shape machining.
Tilting table Tilting table
During workpiece setup, the tilting table is in the horizontal position for stable setup. During machining, the tilting table is in the upright position for removing a large quantity of chips produced efficiently. In addition, tool damage caused by recutting is eliminated because chips are removed immediately from cutting point.
Titanium machining Titanium machining
The machine is equipped the spindle that provides sufficient torque 700Nm, and supports hard metal cutting of titanium coupled with strong structure.

  HPS120A (Titans)
Work mounting surface of table(mm) 3,048×1,220 4,300×1,220
Permissible mass of workpiece(kg) 4,000
Table longitudinal travels(mm) 3,150 4,460
Spindlehead vertical travels(mm) 1,400
Column transverse travels(mm) 1,000
Spindlehead tilt(deg.) ±90
Spindlehead rotation(deg.) ±360
Spindle speed range(min-1 40~5,000
Spindle drive motor(kW) VAC 37/30

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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