5-Axis Skin Mill

5-Axis Skin Mill

High-productivity high-precision 5-axis skin mill for aircraft body outside panel.
Equipping multi-spindle and high-speed spindle to meet various machining applications.

  • A wide range of machines, such as Profiler, Skin mill, Honeycomb mill and Stringer mill for complicated and high-precision aircraft parts.

Skin Mill Body and Machining
See 5-axis head swiveling and machining process.

2-Spindle 5-Axis Skin Mill 1-Spindle 5-Axis High-speed Skin Mill
Distance form table top to spindle end(max.)(mm) 740 750
Gantry longitudinal travel(mm) 16,000 12,000
Spindle head transverse travel(mm) 3,000 2,600
Spindle head vertical travel(mm) 600 600
Spindle head swivel(deg.) ±22.5 ±10
Spindle head tilt(deg.) +12~-22.5 ±10
Working surface(X × Y)(mm) 16,000×5,500 12,000×2,600
Spindle speed(min-1 40~4,000 30~10,000
Main drive motor(kW) VAC 22 VAC 37

※ Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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