MKS 2-Gantry Type 5-Axis Model Mill

 MKS 2-Gantry Type 5-Axis Model Mill

Spindle head equipped on both gantry which allows the machine to simultaneously machine one full size model.

  • Each gantry has respective NC devices which enables independent spindle-use.
  • Machine equipped with the optional DNC device mutually monitors position to check interference which enables simultaneous DNC option of both gantries.

高速・コンパクト主軸頭 High speed and compact spindle head
Equipped with high speed spindle 15,000min-1.
Compact spindle head for minimized interference to produce complex geometry model cutting.
操作性の良いガントリー構造 Gantry configuration for ease of work.
Main machine body is easy-to-work gantry configuration, can easily access and set workpieces designed for a workpiece..

Effective distance between columns (mm) 4,900
Distance from floor plate top to spindle end
(when floor plate and floor is the same)(mm)
Distance from floor plate top to A axis rotation center (mm) 2,900
Spindle head, longitudinal(mm) 9,500
Spindle head, transverse (mm) 3,500
Ram, vertical(mm) 2,700
Spindle head, tilt (deg.) ±120
Spindle head rotation(deg.) ±220
Spindle speed(min-1 3,000~15,000
Spindle drive motor (kW) VAC 15/11

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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