New RB-M Multi-Center

New RB-M Multi-Center

New RB-M Multi-Center based on the best seller RB series and center around superiority of 4-axis controlled and full-stroke 4-axis controlled.
The machine is tuned up on realizing high-efficient and high-precise machining and evolved into superior cost-performance.

  • Extending Y-axis stroke and ensuring the best class machining range.
  • Quill (Z-axis) is set as the center drive, and realizing improvement of machining precision by enhancing straightness.
  • Considering energy-saving and noise-reduction, gas balancer is adopted in W-axis.
  • From new five-face machining software that supports machining to tool and operation management function and information display function that supports maintenance,
    the machine supports machining in various points.

Capability of four-axis control
In order to improve machining efficiency, full-stroke of 4-axis control provides outstanding merits.
Imagine the superiority of four-axis control against various kinds of workpiece.
  • Continuous machining with the combination of Z-axis and W-axis on work with steps.
  • Machining thin workpiece can be made under optimum cutting conditions while keeping the quill extension minimal.
  • Utilizing W-axis in machining large countering.
  • Utilizing full-stroke of W-axis in strong cutting.
Stroke of Y-axis with flexibility Stroke of Y-axis with flexibility
By putting flexibility into distance between columns and stroke of Y-axis against table width, it is possible to utilize maximum machine size.
Enough peripheral devices and software Enough peripheral devices and software
Frequent use and highly functioned handy operation panel is equipped.
Permitting easy operation by equipped new five-face machining software that realizes easy-to-use five-face machining center.
In addition, full-measure interactive machining pattern software and setup support function are optionally available.
Energy-saving and automation Energy-saving and automation
The machine is equipped with automatic open-close type AAC device for one attachment. Vertical and horizontal continuous machining by automatic operation is available.
In addition, many functions such as chip-conveyor, automatic pallet changer, and splash cover that realize energy-saving and automation are equipped.
High-efficient machining
See plunging machining that uses a pushing down cutter and
high-speed machining done by high feed cutter.
* Able to see high-efficient machining.

  RB210M RB260M RB310M
Effective distance between columns(mm) 2,100 2,600 3,100
Distance from table top to spindle end(Max.)(mm) 1,500 1,500 1,800
Size of working surface (X-axis × Y-axis)(mm) 2,000×1,500 3,000×2,000 4,000×2,500
Permissible mass of workpiece(kg) 10,000 15,000 15,000
Table travel(mm) 2,250 3,250 4,250
Spindle head travel(mm) 2,400 2,900 3,400
Quill stroke(mm) 600 600 600
Crossrail travel(mm) 1,100 1,100 1,400
Spindle speeds(min-1 40~6,000 40~6,000 40~6,000
Spindle motor(kW) VAC 25/22 VAC 25/22 VAC 25/22
Tool storage capacity 40 40 40

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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