HF-M Extra-Large Multi-Center

HF-M Extra-Large Multi-Center

This machine is an extra-large multi-center that helps machine large workpiece such as a marine engine, turbine casing, and exhaust frame. Besides a large machining range and permissible mass workpice, the machine is equipped with many kinds of attachments and outfits, and permits machining of various kinds of workpieces.

  • Stabilized powerful cutting, thanks to a highly rigid crossrail-column construction.
  • High-precision machining ensured by the rigid ram head traverse.
  • Improvement in productivity and controllability by installing N/C system in large-size machine tools.
  • Outstanding power attainable for cutting the body of marine parts, in particular marine engines.

For large-piece machining For large-piece machining
The machine is an extra-large multi-center that is available for large-piece machining such as a marine engine and casing for power generation parts. In order to machine large-pieces, the machine is equipped with long stroke Z-axis, and increases permissible mass workipiece and lifter for the operator platform.
Various kinds of attachments Various kinds of attachments
The machine is equipped with various kinds of special attachments in order to machine different kinds of workpieces. Achieve the most ideal optimal machining method.
Automatic leveling system Automatic leveling system
The machine can be equipped with an automatic leveling system that eliminates the handle of hawing to level an extra-large machine. Despite an extra-large machine, it can maintain high-precision for a long term.
Lined up High-speed type Lined up High-speed type
The high-speed type that is available for large die and mold machining is newly lined up. In addition, the machine can be equipped for 5-axis machining to realize various kinds of machining.

  HF8M HF10M HF12M
Effective distance between columns(mm) 4,500 4,500 5,500 6,500 6,500
Distance from table top to spindle end(Max.)(mm) 5,000 5,800 5,800 8,000 8,000
Size of working surface
(Length × Width)(mm)
10,000×4,000 13,000×4,000 16,000×5,000 16,000×6,000 29,000×6,000
Permissible mass workpiece(kg) 100,000 120,000 300,000 300,000 450,000
Table longitudinal travel(mm) 11,200 13,500 16,500 17,000 30,000
Spindlehead transverse travel(mm) 5,200 5,500 6,800 8,000 8,000
Ram vertical travel(mm) 1,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 3,000
Crossrail vertical travel(mm) 3,750 3,500 4,500 6,000 6,000
Spindle speed(min-1 5~2,250 5~1,200 5~1,200 5~1,200 2~2,000
Spindle drive motor(kW) 45/37 150~120 150~120 150~120 150~120

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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