Clean room

Clean Room

In order to ensure high-precision and high-quality which are brought by high-speed of spindle speed, and aiming to make better products in the best environment, the factory is equipped with clean room. In addition, temperature and dust control are strictly managed inside the clean room.

Clean Room
Clean Room
Clean Room

In the clean room, spindle unit, the important part of machining tools, is assembled.

Reducing dust attachment makes the lifetime of the parts of spindle bearing much longer.

Pass box
Air Shower

Parts are carried through pass box after cleaning in order not to bring dust in the room.

Workers enter the room after changing clothes into white coat and taking air shower.

Temperature and humidity management

  setting value
temperature 21 ± 1℃
humidity 50 ± 10%

Cleanness management

Cleanness(/ft3) Measured value
SNK Clean Room
(Class 1,000)
(Fed. Std. 209D)

explanation image

Cleanness indication

Place Indicator value
manufacturing factory
Optical and medical
machine assembly factory
drug and food factory
General Office General Office 1,000,000
General Factory General Factory 3,000,000

Density of tiny dust in the room is controlled to below standard level. By keeping temperature and humidity, stable assembly environment is maintained.

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