Die and Mold Machining

High-Speed Milling Machine
SNK has proposed a new die-making concept as a machine tool supplier for the first time and the “high-speed milling machine” developed to implement the concept achieved a new standard of speed and accuracy in die manufacturing It has made a great contribution toward slashing manual finishing requirement, shortening production lead time and streamlining die production processes..
The Japan Society for Die and Mold Technology Technical Award image
「The Japan Society for Die and Mold Technology・Technical Award」Win Technical Award

SNK’s “High-Speed Milling Machine” (DC Series), specifically designed for machining dies and molds, won Technical Award of Japanese Society of Die and Mold Technology as the most prominent technical breakthrough in the field of die making technology in Japan.
This award is a hallmark of the Association’s recognition of an outstanding contribution by SNK, leading supplier of die-making machines.

The award specifically cites SNK, among many applications, for proposing an innovative die making experience and know-how gained through supply of those specialized machines over those years, and developing as an embodiment of the concept the “High-Speed Milling Machine” series that produce dies to closer tolerance with utmost efficiency, as a result having made possible the dramatic streamlining of die-making processes.

Excellent-Quality Die Fabrication with High-Speed High-Precision Machining

SNK has been a pioneer in the die machining equipment and technology, and is making constant efforts to better serve customers’ needs, through faster delivery, lower-costs and higher-quality in die production.

  • Machine technology ・・・Machine specifications, Machine performance,Automatization
  • Control technology ・・・High-speed high-accuracy control, High-speed data processing
  • Die Machining technology ・・・High-speed high-precision machining, Use of newly developed tools, Work control, Systematization
  • Digitizing technology ・・・CAD/CAM/CAE/CAT, Die measurement, Integrated database

SNK Will build High-Quality Die Manufacturing Systems

Total-support from measuring to machining

High-Quality Die Manufacturing Systems
Total-support from measuring to machining image

Dynamic Control System(DCS-V)

Cutting-edge Control Technology to Realize High-Speed and High-Precision Quality Machining.
The proven “smoothing” control technology realizes even higher speed and higher quality machining.

Machine motion smoothing function image

A more high-speed, more high-quality machining is achieved in the part where the corner part and the curvature change are violent by reducing the shock given to the smoothing doing and the machine in the error from which the machine operation path is managed.
Machining motion smoothing function image

Machining shape smoothing function image

The stripes pattern of 1μm or less which vertically appears in the direction of the machining is canceled by interpolating the machining shape approximated by straight line division to original shape by the unit of nanometer (1/1000 of 1μm), a super-high-quality machining is achieved.
Machining shape smoothing function image

Lost motion compensation function image

A high acceleration is achieved while maintaining the high quality by dynamically correcting the lost motion which originates in the twist of the ball screw etc. according to the acceleration and the change in the acceleration.
Lost motion compensation function image

Since its establishment, SNK has been in pursuit of more advanced technologies and know-how for offering machining systems and facilities that satisfy customer requirements.

Furthermore, during these years, SNK has offered high-speed milling machines formulated on the basis of an innovative concept of machining. We have earned a legendary reputation for technological excellence in the industry by delivering die machining systems capable of realizing high productivity.

From this time, SNK will also leading-edge technologies, ranging from die fabrication to product measuring inspection, which will contribute to increased productivity and quality in production of dies and molds.

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