Bridge Type Machine Series

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Even highly acclaimed models of machines tools sooner or later fall into oblivion as time goes by.
To recognize epochmaking machine tools that have contributed to Japan’s machine tool industry, the Society to Honor Machine Tools of Historical Value (chaired by Sadao Morimoto) organized by the Nippon Institute of Technology’s Museum of Industrial Technology examined 82 entered models of machine tools.
As a result, SNK’s RB-II Precision Boring and Milling Machine won the 7th Best Technical Award as a machine tool that set a standard for machine tools in the ensuing years with a technology that was innovative at the time the machine was developed (1958). InJune 2, 2005, the award was presented at the NIT Hall.
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「The 7th Best Technical Award of the Society to Honor Machine Tools of Historical Value」 Award
SNK’s RB-II Precision Vertical Boring and Milling Machine has won the 7th Best Technical Award of the Society to Honor Machine Tools of Historical Value.

SNK proposes…

The business environments have been increasingly severe upon production shops, adding to new impediments to their advancement.

SNK proposes

SNK’s Double-Column Bridge Machine Series embody the “know-hows” that enable your company to resolve those problems and grow through a series of business reforms, i.e. the production technology and management expertise cultivated over the past forty-two years by SNK who has constantly been challenging cutting edge technology.

Here is what we can do for you

Introduction of SNK bridge type machines.Transition from skill-dependent to technology-dependent

  • Higher equipment ratio per worker
  • Lowered break-even point
  • Expanded in-house production
  • 「Reduced lead time」「Reduced inprocess costs」
  • 「Unmanned, higher precision operations」「Small-batch but high efficiency production」
  • 「Increased added values」「Increased per-capita sales and profits」
Higher profitability business structure
Support in efficient production through application of new technology

  • Mirror-surf machining techniques
  • High-hardness material machining techniques
  • Maximizing utilization of machine tools(600 hours/mon.)
  • Maximizing spindle utilization up to 70%
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new technology image1
Support through peripheral machining technology

  • NC programs
  • Tooling
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Automatic programming
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Support in efficient production through application of new technology

  • Machining
  • Inspection
  • Assembly
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The bridge type models machining machine introduction merit

Reduced lead time

By introducing The bridge type models(5 face) machining machine,The number of times of arrangements can also work the work which was wandering a large number of machines in a minimum again by a machine for a little number in the past, and you can plan for 「reduction in lead time」 「reduction in number of times of arrangements」 「reduction in machining time」.
Moreover substantial improvement of relative accuracy can be achieved to working many fields in 1 setting.
change of machinery and facilities
Improvement of the running time and improvement of the chip rate can be planned by utilizing an automatic tool changer and automatic attachment switching facility and doing polyhedral machining by one settings, and even if mechanical number is reduced, can improve the productivity substantially.


I’ll help you with enterprise innovation by the various line-ups!

SNK offers a wide variety of double-column bridge type models for you to choose from to
permit the optimum model best suited for your specific needs and thereby aggrandize the return of your investment.
Behind the unparalleled growth and advancement of the Japanese industry into the world’s leading position in the century is the extraordinary role played by the 「change of machinery and facilities」.
Since the founding of the company, SNK has been in pursuit of the cutting edge technology at all times; it has been supplying various fields of the trunk industries (automotive, construction equipment, presses, shipbuilding, etc.) with double-column machine tools, an accumulation of a world of knowhows, thus promotion the transition of machine tool concepts from horizontals to verticals.
SNK has assisted businesses in their own efforts in pursuit of business renovation and profits and has won acclaims from them for high technology levels.
SNK will redouble its efforts to make available, in response to the needs of the leading industries.
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