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Company Info

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Name 新日本工機株式会社 (SHIN NIPPON KOKI CO.,LTD.)
Incorporated September 1949 (Founded: 1898)
Executive Director and CEO Shunka CHO
President and COO Akira NAKANISHI
Director Koji KASHU
Director Nobuharu MIYAMOTO
Director Advisor Kenichi SHIMADA
Director Takashi MURAOKA
Main Business Activities Machine Tools (Various Machining Centers(Double Column Type ・ Vertical Type ・ Horizontal Type)、Large Lathes、Multi-Tasking Machines, others)
Industrial Machines
Centrifugally CastSteel Pipes

Production and Sales of the above
Capital 100 million yen
Employees 642 (January, 2021)
Head office Address 500-1, Takao 2-Cho, Minami-ku, Sakai, Osaka, Japan
TEL/FAX TEL. +81-72-271-1201 / FAX. +81-72-273-5594


Messege from Managing DirectorMessege from Managing Director


『Only SNK can do』
SNK continuously works with our customers to solve their machining challenges.

『Only SNK can do』The highest praise that we, as a company, can receive is from our customers.SNK machine tools are installed around the world, in a variety of industries such as Automotive, Aerospace and others. This includes the top manufacturing companies in the world; as well as small to medium companies. No matter the customer, SNK takes the same approach of visiting the customer’s site and sharing in the customer’s challenges. Although our work is not always glamorous, we walk side by side with customers to provide solutions and improvements to their processes. Not only Sales, but Design, Applications, Manufacturing, Service and other departments have direct customer communication to provide solutions and new machine tools for all customer purposes. We value the phrase “Only SNK can do” from our customers; as they see the value and scope of our entire process.Environmental guidelines given to manufacturing around the world are changing drastically and getting stricter. SNK will continue to grow and develop to provide our customers with the one and ONLY machine tool solution. We will keep close communication with our customers to solve the challenges that they face.