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Name 新日本工機株式会社 (SHIN NIPPON KOKI CO.,LTD.)
Incorporated September 1949 (Founded: 1898)
Executive Chairman of the Board/Representative Director, CEO Shunka CHO
President/Representative Director Kenichi SHIMADA
Senior Executive Officer/Representative Director Akira NAKANISHI
Board of Director Fumihiro KOHARA
Board of Director Kazuo OKAMOTO
Board of Director Takashi MURAOKA
Main Business Activities Machine Tools (Various Machining Centers(Double Column Type ・ Vertical Type ・ Horizontal Type)、Large Lathes、Multi-Tasking Machines, others)
Industrial Machines
Centrifugally CastSteel Pipes

Production and Sales of the above
Capital 100 million yen
Employees 691 (January, 2018)
Head office Address 500-1, Takao 2-Cho, Minami-ku, Sakai, Osaka, Japan
TEL/FAX TEL. +81-72-271-1201 / FAX. +81-72-273-5594

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Messege from Managing DirectorMessege from Managing Director


SNK have produced machine tools for 120 years since the day of establishment in 1898。

We have supplied our products to the customers all over the world. During this period, we have realized “High-Accuracy and High-Efficiency” by unlimited inquisitive mind against production engineering and technological capability that enables to commercialize this inquisitive mind, and we have contributed to the “Manufacturing” industry.Such as the double column type five-face machining center for automotive industry or general machine industry and high-speed five-axis profiler for aircraft industry, SNK have the machine tools lineup that enables to meet with the needs of production engineering from various industries.In addition, we have piled up our own technologies for offering the solutions against IoT and Industry4.0.Until today, we have made a contribution for making people’s live convenient and enriching them through various industrial products produced by machine tools (Mother Machine).However, towards the furthermore leaps, we took the first step in October 2016.SNK will push forward as “Manufacturing” company to satisfy the customers more than ever. We hope you will be looking forward to the future SHIN NIPPON KOKI (SNK)。