Special Purpose MachinesSpecial purpose machine

Many special purpose-designed machines that pursues productivity and fully meets with special cutting needs

Combines know-how fostered by large-sized machine production and develops the most appropriate cutting machine for users' needs. SNK proposes the only-one cutting machine that is directly linked to high productivity.

  • Automobile
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial machines
  • Shipbuilding
  • Heavy Electric & Energy
  • Iron & materials
  • Semiconductor
  • Special purpose machine


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Aluminum slab milling machine

Fully automated aluminum slab milling machine for efficient precision milling of aluminum slabs.

1-Spindle 5-axis skin mill

Special purpose machine designed specifically machine aircraft skins efficiently and precisely.

Horizontal machining center cell with two opposed spindles

Machining cell built around two horizontal machining centers with their two spindles opposed each other so as to machine construction equipment parts from both sides at the same time.

Construction machinery frame machining cell

Efficient, continuous unattended machining of revolving frames for mini power shovels. Flexibly coping with different workpiece sizes by use of special jig plates.

Silicon ingot cylindrical grinding machines

SNK manufactures various processing machines for silicon ingots, which are semiconductor materials.

Silicon wafer grinding machines

SNK manufactures various processing machines for silicon wafer, which are semiconductor materials.

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