RB-FⅡ seriesNEW Double Column Type 5-axis Machining Center

High-rigidity continuous 5-axis machine capable of powerful 5-axis cutting

Until now, 5-axis machines did not have sufficient cutting power. SNK's double column type 5-axis machine is equipped with a highly-rigid continuous 5-axis head, so you can feel sufficient cutting power, so you can perform heavy cutting of iron and difficult-to-cut materials. Including the rapid transverse speed of each axis, we will improve various capabilities from the previous series and greatly contribute to the improvement of customer productivity.

Double column type continuous 5-axis machine with further improved performance

Renewal of large size 5-axis machine

Based on SNK's main product,“5-face machine RB series”, it is equipped with a highly-rigid continuous 5-axis head, and desired inclination can be machined without changing the attachment.

Improve the performance so that the capacity of the 5-axis machine can be fully exhibited, and it is easy for customers who have used 5-face machines so far.

  • Expansion of range of motion (Y axis/B axis)
    :Expanded machining range

    Y axis:300mmUP (RB-150FⅡ/200FⅡ) / 600mmUP (RB-250FⅡ)
    B axis:±95°→±115°

  • Adoption of twin ball screw
    :Allows agile movement of feed axis

    Improved responsiveness by eliminating the hydraulic balance cylinder.
    Added a planetary gear reducer to the W axis.

  • Stroke extension (Z axis)
    :Easy to process tall workpiece

    600 → 800mm(standard)/1,000mm(optional)

Continuous 5-axis head boasting overwhelming rigidity

SNK’s originally developed high-rigidity drive system

This machine is equipped with a highly continuous 5-axis spindle head which enables the continuous machining of high-strength materials such as iron and difficult-to-cut materials without using axis clamping mechanism.

The motor torque is passing through a large number of gears, will be generated a powerful torque. This powerful torque is transmitting to the large-diameter sector gear, enabling continuous 5-axis machining of difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium and Inconel.

Max. rotating torque:6,600N・m

High-rigidity square ram spindle head

A square ram with a cross-sectional area of 450×450mm is used for the spindle head, and a powerful 5-axis head stabilizes high-rigidity machining.

Ram size:450×450 mm
Spindle nose:ISO No.50
Standard spindle spec.:6,000min-1 (30kW/420N・m)

And, the head size is more compact than previous series, improves accessibility to the workpiece.

Achieve improved productivity by improving performance

Increased rapid transverse speed

Rapid transverse speed is improved by adopting a linear guide for X-axis drive. Y axis and Z axis, which follow the movement of the X axis, also have faster rapid transverse speed, which greatly improves the total rapid transverse speed.

By achieving a speed improvement of 1.5 times or more for all axes, we have achieved a machining time reduction of 15% or more and 5% or more, respectively, compared to the double column type 5-face and 5-axis machining center.

■Rapid transverse speed

X axis:30m/min
〔ratio to convention:1.5 times〕
Y axis:32m/min
〔ratio to convention:1.6 times〕
Z axis:20m/min
〔ratio to convention:3.3 times〕
W axis:4.8m/min
〔ratio to convention:1.6 times〕
B axis:7,200°/min
〔ratio to convention:2.0 times〕
C axis:7,200°/min
〔ratio to convention:2.0 times〕

■Feedrate speed

X axis:20m/min
〔ratio to convention:2.0 times〕
Y axis:20m/min
〔ratio to convention:2.0 times〕
Z axis:15m/min
〔ratio to convention:2.5 times〕
W axis:3.2m/min
〔ratio to convention:1.1 times〕
B axis:7,200°/min
〔ratio to convention:2.0 times〕
C axis:7,200°/min
〔ratio to convention:2.0 times〕

※Max. feedrate of X, Y and Z axes are high-speed specifications, the standard specifications are 10m/min.

Optimal machining performed with abundant spindle variations

Select the spindle according to the machining characteristics

By expanding the variation of the spindle, the optimum spindle can be selected and the optimum machining becomes possible.

Standard:steel, aluminum (target workpiece)

  • Spindle speed:6,000min-1
  • Spindle motor:30/26kW (30min./cont.)
  • Spindle torque:420/353N・m

Option:steel, aluminum (target workpiece)

    • Spindle speed:8,000min-1
    • Spindle motor:30/26kW (30min./cont.)
    • Spindle torque:420/353N・m
    • Spindle speed:12,000min-1
    • Spindle motor:30/26kW (30min./cont.)
    • Spindle torque:420/353N・m

Option:aluminum with high chip-discharge amount (target workpiece)

    • Spindle speed:15,000min-1
    • Spindle motor:55/50kW (30min./cont.)
    • Spindle torque:382/191N・m
    • Spindle speed:20,000min-1
    • Spindle motor:91/85kW (30min./cont.)
    • Spindle torque:96.5/73.8N・m
    • Spindle speed:30,000min-1
    • Spindle motor:100kW (30min./cont.)
    • Spindle torque:48N・m

Long nose type spindle (optional)

Long nose type spindle can be selected to improve the accessibility of the spindle to workpieces with complicated shapes. Stable machining is possible without installing long-diameter tools.

Long nose type spindle:300mm (standard)→400mm (optional)

Improved operability reduces the burden on operators

Dual display

Dual display is used for the first time as a function to improve operability.

Dual display consists of a main display that displays the NC screen and a sub-display that displays the operation manual and machining data. You can easily check the situation without leaving the operation panel.

Simple inclined surface function

Any inclined machining surface can be created automatically by setting one original point and pressing the enter button. It can be used when you have a complicated program or when you need to process it in a hurry.

High-precision support function that enhances processing stability

Mechanical structure for high-precision

  • Round column structure that serves to maintain high-accuracy

    A horizontal cross section of round column has complete symmetrical heat distribution. There is no learning in the column’s central axis due to changes in ambient temperature.

  • Core cooling function (Y axis:standard X,Z axis:optional)

    Y axis ball screw has core cooling function as standard, which stabilizes thermal distortion and increases ball screw life.

5-axis tool center point control with kinetic compensate positioning function (TCP-KCP)

Due to the influence of a small amount of mechanical error that occurs during rotating (B, C axes), the cutting-edge position error that occurs during 5-axis tool center point control (TCP) operation is corrected in real time. This function can be expected to improve the machining position accuracy of the X, Y and Z axes and the position accuracy of the opposite hole. Recommended for workpiece for aerospace that make the best use of the characteristics of continuous 5-axis machining.

Environmental thermal displacement compensation function:
TDC(Thermal Dynamic Control) (optional)

TDC automatically offsets thermal distortion around machine table that typically occurs under valuable temperature environments. TDC estimates thermal displacements of X, Y and Z axes by gathering ambient and machine temperature for real time compensating.

Spindle thermal displacement compensation function (optional)

A cooling jacket surrounds the spindle. However, rotating bearings generate heat which cannot be totally eliminated. Spindle thermal displacement compensation function offsets thermal growth to zero for high-accuracy machining.

※Actual data shown, actual results may vary.


  • Main Specification
  • Black letters indicated standard, red letters indicated options, the inside of <> is APC specification.
Spec. items Unit RB-150FⅡ RB-200FⅡ RB-250FⅡ
Effective distance between columns mm 2,100 2,600 3,100
Column stand extension mm 0 +250 0 +250 +500 0 +250 +500
Distance from table top spindle end mm 1,450
Table Size of working surface X axis mm 3,000 / 4,000 4,000 / 5,000 5,000 / 6,000
Y axis mm 1,500 2,000 2,500
Permissible mass of workpiece
kg 10,000
Travel Table longitudinal X axis mm 3,250 / 4,250 4,250 / 5,250 5,250 / 6,250
Spindle head transverse Y axis mm 2,700 3,200 3,700
Ram vertical Z axis mm 800 / 1,000
Crossrail vertical W axis mm 850 850 / 1,100
Spindle head tilt B axis deg. ±115
Spindle head rotation C axis deg. ±360 / Endless
Spindle Ram cross section shape mm 450 × 450
Spindle being inner diameter mm φ90※5
Spindle nose (Nominal size, No.) - ISO No.50 (Tool shank:MAS-BT50+Pull stud bolt:MAS P50T-Ⅱ)
Spindle speeds min-1 40~6,000 / 40~8,000 40~12,000 150~15,000 200~20,000※1 1,000~30,000※1
Spindle motor kW 30/26 / 30/26 30/26 55/50 85(Cont.) 100(Cont.)
Feedrate Rapid transverse※2 X axis m/min 30※3
Y axis m/min 32※3
Z axis m/min 20
W axis m/min 4.8
B,C axes deg./min 7,200
Feedrate X,Y axes mm/min 1~10,000 / 1~20,000
Z axis mm/min 1~10,000 / 1~15,000
W axis mm/min 1~3,200※4
B,C axes deg./min 1~7,200
Accuracy Positioning accuracy mm X,Y axes±0.006/1,000 Z axis±0.006/600(Standard)W axis±0.01/500
X,Y axes±0.004/1,000 Z axis±0.004/600(Machine with scale feedback)
Repeatability mm X,Y,Z axes±0.005(Standard)W axis±0.005
X,Y,Z axes±0.003(Machine with scale feedback)
Machine total weight (Standard machine) kg 34,000 40,000 45,000
Required electric power KVA 90※5
Compressed air blow rate NL/min 700※5
CNC - FANUC30i / DCS-Ⅷ Aero Edition
  • ※1 The spindle speed of 20,000min-1 is the spindle end HSK-A100, and the spindle speed of 30,000min-1 is the spindle end HSK-A63/80.
  • ※2 Do not use for more than 10 min. continuously at raid transverse speed.
  • ※3 X axis strokes of 6,250mm and above and Y axis strokes of 3,200mm and above decelerate near both ends.
  • ※4 There is a limit to the continuous operation time depending on the conditions.
  • ※5 Shows the values for standard specifications.
  • The values may change, depending on the selected special accessories.