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중량물도 안정되어 가공하는 주축 틸트 방식을 채용. 복 넓은 워크 사이즈에 대응해서 터닝 사양이나 난삭재 가공 타입 시리즈도 전개.

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Ultimate process-intensive multi-tasking machine capable of machining any workpiece. Continuous 5-axis machining suited for complicated aircraft component parts from aluminum, steel and titanium.

  1. 01Multi-tasking machine combining high-speed, high-accuracy, high efficiency, easiness to use and energy saving.

Main body structure

5-axis configuration with tilting-type spindle head and table rotation,   high-accuracy machining enabled regardless of work weight. A wide range of machining enabled for materials from titanium to aluminum. Rapid traverse speed of 40 m/min for the entire linear axes enabled, thereby contributing to a reduction in machining time. Good responsiveness enabled and high acceleration supported by employing gas balancer for balancing the Z-axis drive.

5-axis rotation

A wide range of A-axis rotation angle (-120° to +30°), undercut machining enabled with one setup. SNK’s original driving system with high-rigidity and high-accuracy, the rotary axis consists of the high-torque structure due to a large speed reduction which is made possible by gear driven system and of high-rigidity, and can be maintained at high-accuracy on a long-term basis. The C-axis is on a horizontally rotating type table, providing excellent setup capability.

Spindle variation

Spindle head with versatile machining capability. The spindle lineup from 5,000 to 15,000 min-1 permits machining of a wide range of materials from titanium to aluminum. By employing the built-in motor of 25/22 kW (30 min/continuous) which permits high-speed and high-horsepower machining of large-sized workpieces, the spindle capability in a broad range up to max. torque of 653 N・m permits any cutting.

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주요 사양 CMV-50 CMV-70T CMV-80 CMV-100 CMV-100T CMV-150
테이블 작업면의크기 mm 500 ×500 700 ×700 800 ×800 1,000 ×1,000 Ø1,000 1,500 ×1,500
mm 600 650 700 1,000 1,000 1,400
주축회전속도 min-1 150~16,000 40~8,000
kW 22/18.5 25/22

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