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장시간 가동의 안정성과 절삭 이송 속도의 고속화에 이르는 고생산성 머신. 금형 전용 제어 장치 「DCS」 탑재로 금형 수작업 없앰을 실현.

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  1. 01What is required for a die processing machine
  2. 01Machine structure enabling high rigidity and high speed machining
  3. 01Technology that is ideal for die processing that requires high precision

Processing to enable reduction of manual finishing work

Reducing the manual finishing work process (= less of manual finishing work) from major car manufacturers to parts and mold manufacturers is an indispensable task to improve productivity. SNK's DC series (high-speed profile milling machine) can process at high speed while reducing the pick with the concept of "small pick with high speed feed" so realizes a high quality processed surface in the same time as before, contributing to productivity improvement by less of manual finishing work.

Sliding surface of linear guide type

Adopt linear guide system suitable for die machining on all X, Y, Z axes. High rigidity can be obtained because preloading is applied in both up and down, left and right, and turning directions. It is also ideal for high speed because of its extremely stable sliding surface.

State-of-the-art control technology realizing high precision processing

SNK proprietary DCS-VIII (Dynamic Control System) brings out the performance of processing machine to the maximum in free curved surface processing, realizing further improvement of surface quality and productivity.

Automatic tool length・diameter measuring and automatic tool length・diameter compensating function(Laser beam sensor type)

With SNK's proprietary technology, in order to minimize the step difference, measure the position of the tool with a 5-axis laser in a machining posture just before machining, and correct the misalignment.

A wide variety of attachments

Abundant attachment support full mold processing.This enables consistent machining from rough machining to finish machining, enabling process consolidation.

Installation of 5-axis attachment

By installing a 5-axis attachment with high rough machining capability, it supports not only mold processing but also general mechanical processing.

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테이블 작업면의크기 mm 3,000 ×1,500 4,000 ×2,000 5,000 ×2,500 6,000 ×3,000
mm 2,050
주축회전속도 min-1 60〜6,000 (옵션60〜7,500)
kW 25/22

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