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고강성 구조와 고토크 주축을 탑재한 난삭재(티타늄)가공의 프로파일러

티타늄에 대표되는 난삭재의 강력 절삭형 1,256/1,005N・m의 고토크 주축을 탑재, 전축, 습동면 도입으로 진동 감쇠성을 높여 안정된 난삭재 가공을 실현.

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Features of horizontal 5 axis profiler for titanium processing

  1. 01Horizontal 5 axis profiler for processing titanium material with high demand for aircraft parts
  2. 01Various efforts to maintain high rigidity
  3. 01Safety and environmental considerations

High rigidity · High torque spindle

By adopting a tool of HSK-125A (flange diameter: 125 mm) to suppress the deformation by setting the main shaft diameter to 130 mm, and by using a high output (60/75 kW) · high torque (1005/1256 Nm) motor 330 cc / min We realized the amount of chip discharge.

The feed mechanism of each shaft and the sliding surface

Turkite is adopted as the sliding surface of this machine, and low frequency vibration easy to occur in heavy cutting is efficiently attenuated, making stable cutting possible.

Minimize backlash by increasing rigidity of each axis feed mechanism

Each linear axis is sent with a ball screw with high rigidity double nut and the pivot shaft adopted SNK's own double pinion drive.This minimizes backlash, making it a reliable mechanical structure.

Distance from column sliding surface to spindle end

HPS-120B which has many achievements as an aluminum processing machine has dimensions of 1,570 mm from the column sliding surface to the spindle end.If you attach a spindle head and a swivel saddle with high rigidity and high torque to this machine based on this form, this distance will further extend.Therefore, in order to realize stable titanium processing, we newly designed a structure for receiving a large cutting force with a column by FEM analysis.

Efforts to improve processing cycle time

Normally, since the 5-axis spindle head of the A / C axis swivel has a structure incorporating the swivel saddle, it is necessary to exchange the tool beyond the saddle width, and a separate tool transfer device is required.Therefore, it takes time to transfer the tool and the ATC time becomes long.In order to shorten this time, we increased the speed by driving the tool conveying device with a ball screw and a servomotor, and using the ATC arm as a cam drive.

Equipment suitable for the properties of the workpiece

Titanium materials have a characteristic of low thermal conductivity.Therefore, a large amount of coolant is required to cool heat accumulated in the cutting edge during processing.This machine is equipped with large capacity coolant (1,000 L, * Op: 2,000 L) and shower coolant, and by providing a device that efficiently cools and lubricates the material during processing, stable processing becomes possible.

Environmentally friendly equipment in the factory

When high-speed rotation and high-speed feed are achieved, the risk of scattering of tools and chips due to centrifugal force increases accordingly.Furthermore, it is also an important factor from the viewpoint of plant environmental preservation to prevent the scattering of coolant to be used in large quantities.For that reason, this machine was equipped with a splash guard that surrounds the periphery of the machine, so that we kept safety of the operator and the environment inside the factory clean.

Safety device for special materials

Titanium is chemically active and responds well to oxygen and nitrogen, and there is a possibility of fire due to sparks during cutting.As a countermeasure to that, safety measures are taken for special materials by installing a fire extinguisher.

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주요 사양 HPS-120A HPS-150A HPS-200A
테이블 작업면의크기 mm 4,300×1,220
mm 1,000 1,000 1,270
주축회전속도 min-1 40~5,000
kW 37/30

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