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  1. 01Structure that enables high rigidity and high accuracy
  2. 01Main axis characteristics and cutting force that can withstand heavy cutting
  3. 01Solution software to make productivity difference

Improved rigidity and accuracy with optimized structure

By using FEM analysis (finite element method), we realized weight saving of structure while maintaining mechanical rigidity by optimum thickness and rib arrangement. In addition, we verified the static rigidity and dynamic rigidity analysis beforehand by loading the cutting load with 3D model, and improved the processing quality.

Square column structure minimizing the influence of environmental temperature change

The square column which is most easily influenced by temperature change prevents forward falling as a "heat capacity symmetric structure column" with the thermal equilibrium board mounted on the column and constitutes a robust gate type structure.

Newly developed horn square ram

A new 350×350 mm square ram using high-strength spheroidal graphite cast iron (FCD material) is newly developed for ram, which enables high-strength cutting by driving the center of gravity of two Z-axis ball screws. This allows heavy cutting regardless of whether it is vertical or horizontal even for feeding out with a Z-axis stroke of 800 mm.

Increase main shaft stiffness

High power spindle with power 60/44 kW (30 min / continuous), torque 1,306 / 1,200 N・m (10min /continuous), rotation speed 30 - 5 000 min - 1 is mounted, high rigidity processing in low speed range possible.

Adoption of spindle structure corresponding to heavy cutting

It adopts twin built-in motor for spindle drive, it is highly efficient with gearless, finished in maintenance free.

Processing with high output spindle

As a result of verifying the discharge amount of chips by full power cutting of φ 200 milling cutter, the cutting amount of 1,305 cc / min at the main spindle 44 kW shows the highest ability in the same class. In addition, due to the development of a strong angular attachment, it has been raised to the same power as the spindle machining, and has a cutting ability of 840 cc / min at 37 kW.

Software that increases the value of machines

With the installation of "Intelligent PC" (option compliant) that supports maintenance and analysis support by observing the machine operating condition and operating / alarm history etc., the situation to the personal computer and the smartphone is notified, and it corresponds also to the "visualization" of the machine.

Software that provides security and safety

It is also possible to install functions to prevent human error such as notification of collision between tool and work (Si - Stop) and tool insertion into ATC magazine (Si - ToolCheck), proposing processing under safe and secure environment.

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주요 사양 NeoV-4M NeoV-5M NeoV-6M
테이블 작업면의크기 mm 4,000 ×2,000 5,000 ×2,500 6,000 ×3,000
mm 1,800 2,050 2,050
주축회전속도 min-1 30~5,000
kW 60/44

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제품 동영상Product movie

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