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Features of bridge type 5-axis machining center

  1. 01RB-F offers User-Friendly bridge type 5-axis machining center
  2. 01Keyword is process consolidation
  3. 01Supporting functions for multi-sided and 5-axis machining

User-friendly bridge type 5-axis machining center

It is a portal 5-axis machining center which can select a wide range of machining methods according to 5 surface machining / multi-sided machining / 5 axis machining and work characteristics. The amount of turning movement of the C axis is endless (option), the turning movement amount of the B axis is ± 95 °, and there is a machining area from the upper surface to the side surface, further undercut.

High machining capability of medium to high speed range

Major spindle lineup from 6,000 to 20,000 min-1 is aligned, and it can correspond to a wide range of materials from iron to aluminum. Also, to ensure stable processing of general steel materials, the main spindle taper BT50, the spindle motor is designed for 18.5 / 22 kW, 55/50 kW, 91/85 kW for each revolution number.

Various work examples

There are various kinds of processing cases of large parts making full use of the characteristics of the portal 5 axis machine. Examples include railway vehicle structures, tunnel segments, large casings, large engine blocks, slant beds of machine tools, mechanical parts with inclined surfaces and sloped holes.

1 set-up process without special jig

Previously,a 3-axis controlled machine needed special jigs and tooling for machining of the dies, aircraft parts, engine blocks and others which have inclined surfaces. Now, with its 5-axis control capability, RB-F not only reduces the number of work setups but also provides stable machining accuracy with the multi-sided machining.

Form processing without using peripheral speed 0

In the profile milling using a ball end mill, 3-axis controlled machine has an adverse effect upon the tool life and finished surface roughness because the cutting speed in the tool center becomes zero. RB-F machines a surface by the side of a cutter in its inclined attitude, thereby improving the tool life and finished surface roughness. Also in the corner milling of dies, RB-F eliminates the necessity of a conventional long tool, resulting in reduction of machining time and tooling costs.

Replacing turning with milling

For example, replacing turning machining of the outer shape of circular arc parts with milling processing shortens non-cutting time, which can increase processing efficiency and process consolidation.

Voluntary surface machining software(Option)

This software allows the operator to generate programming for even an inclined surface with a normal surface to tool axis (X-Y plane) and the tool axis (Z plane).The programmer can create programs without regard to the inclined surfaces.

Tool axis manual movement function (handle feed type)

This enable the operator to move the spindle in the tool axis direction (Z axis) and vertical direction to tool axis (X,Y axes) by use of manual handle feed even while B and C axes are inclined. Through use of this function, the operator can easily execute thrust or escape movements of the tool.

Tool position compensating software (Option)

This software automatically compensates the work coordinate system for positional changes in the tool end which may arise due to B and C axis rotation and/or tool change. The programmer can create programs without worrying about B and C axis rotating angles or tool length.

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주요 사양 RB-150F RB-200F RB-250F RB-300F RB-350F RB-400F
테이블 작업면의크기 mm 3,000 ×1,500 4,000 ×2,000 5,000 ×2,500 6,000 ×3,000 8,000 ×3,500 8,000 ×4,000
mm 1,200 1,450 1,450 1,700 1,700 1,950
주축회전속도 min-1 40~6,000(옵션:8,000/10,000)
kW 저속域: 22/18.5
고속域: 30/25

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