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Long-Selling model that deeply pursues "usability" and demonstrates high performance

Round Column & Round Quill configuration that causes less thermal displacement and has excellent accessibility of the workpiece. This series have wide range of lineup in size and can work with the various kinds of workpiece.

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Three features of an all-round processing machine

  1. 01Proven rigidity enables high precision and powerful cutting
  2. 01User-friendly design
  3. 01Increased user productivity

Circular clamping enables powerful, high precision machining

Crossrail and spindle head designed to integrate round columns and quill. This shortens the distance between spindle center to column center and minimizes the effects of the uneven loading on the cross rail and on the spindle head, providing a stable machining during the heavy-duty cutting.

Round column structure that serves to maintain high precision

A horizontal cross section of round column has complete symmetrical heat distribution. There is no leaning in the column's central axis due to changes in ambient temperature; helping maintain machine accuracy and high precision machining.

Spindle head with versatile machining abilities

Static rigidity of the spindlehead is increased 1.4 times by optimizing thickness and the rib design.Wide choice of spindles and options available to meet customer needs.

Compact spindle head gets closer to the workpiece

Downsizing the spindle head case by 12% improves accessibility to the workpiece.

Compact round quill reduces workpiece interference

Compact quill (round spindle) reduces blind spots versus square rams. The round shape allows easier interference checks.

Customizable options to fit customers needs

[ATC capable of mounding/demounting Long and/or heavy tools] The ATC is normally capable of mounting long and/or heavy tools (L=600 /35 kg) to enable deep hole / heavy-duty cutting without loss. [Extendable strokes] The Z-axis can be extended by +200 mm while the W-axis can be extended by 250 mm. [Column stand capable of being elevated] Column stand can be elevated by 250 mm or 500 mm [Extendable table] Table can be extended by every 1 m (to the maximum length of 13 m)

Intelligent PC
(Optionally provided)

It enables to support operation status check, and the maintenance and analysis data from a history records.

SNK's exclusive "New 5-face machining software" provides user friendliness

All SNK bridge type 5-face machining centers utilize 4-axis controls (3 + 1 axis). The fully programmable W-axis allows machining large and uniquely shaped workpieces.

DCS-Ⅷ(Dynamic Control System)(オプション)

DCS is SNK's original high-speed and high-precision control developed for die and mold machining. DCS allows machining center to accelerate or decelerate maximum performance for 3D surface machining. DCS actualizes further improvement of surface quality and productivity.

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테이블작업면의크기 mm 3,000 ×1,500 4,000 ×2,000 5,000 ×2,500 6,000 ×3,000
작업면에서 주축
단까지의 거리
mm 1,500 1,500 1,800 2,000
주축회전속도 min-1 40~6,000
kW 26/22

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제품 동영상Product movie

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